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E-Foiling is the future of watersports. The E-Foil is emission free and environmentally friendly. The electric hydrofoil watercraft invites riders of all ages to experience the ‘sensation of flying’ over water with freedom in complete silence. 

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What is E-Foiling & is it for everyone?

YES! E-Foiling is for EVERYONE! An experience like no other, Gnarly Harley Adventures offers 1.5-hour + E-Foil Adventures. Our instructors will take you to the most breath-taking beaches, waterways and destinations SWFL has to offer.

Ride anywhere, anytime without needing wind, waves or a boat. It’s fast, quiet and emission free! Ride alone with your instructor, or ride with a group of friends to share the experience…


Let's FLY!

- Gnarly Harley 


Fliteboard™ comes in one unit; the motor is built-in to the flitebox and does not require users to detach and re-assemble. Made out of aluminum, the Flitebox sets itself apart with a more efficient motor cooling system; while other E-Foil products require a separate water cooling system that may accidentally suck in sand particles and result in an overheated motor controller. The Fliteboard™ heat sink is 100% reliable as its heat-conducting aluminum casing is always in-contact with the water flow. At a full charge, the Fliteboard™ battery, Flitecell provides users approximately 1.5 hours of ride time, at speeds as fast as 28 MPH. The board also comes with a wireless waterproof Flite Controller, the smallest and smartest in the market, that can be charged magnetically.

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